Re: [squid-users] IMAP support

From: Jakob Curdes <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 17:23:54 +0100

julian julian schrieb:
> Because all my traffic to internet is managed by squid. Do you have any suggestion?
As already said, squid is not an "internet proxy" (there is no such
thing) but an HTTP proxy, meaning that it only understands HTTP (and a
bit of HTTPS).
Your client talks IMAP with the server which squid does not understand.
There are IMAP proxies out there but not on this list.
This is not a configuration problem but rather like you want to get a
translator speaking only spanish to translate from english to german -
that won't work also.

Jakob Curdes
Received on Wed Nov 12 2008 - 16:24:11 MST

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