Re: [squid-users] Someone's using my cache?

From: <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 10:43:37 -0600

> Ah. Gottcha. You are wanting a reverse proxy.

Darn, sorry, I should have thought about that distinction, like I said, this is yet another project on my plate so don't have it all down yet :).
> contains a usable config for accelerating a hidden web server securely.

Yes, I did come across this but I wasn't sure if this was what I'm looking for.
In the case of using the proxy, there is a virtual host server on the lan which handles a dozen or so sites which I wanted to use a reverse proxy to speed up connections to.

On the public side, each domain has it's www IP pointing to that virtual hosting server. The web server is responding based on names so should squid be pointing to the server or dies it have to know about each site name as well?

The examples in the URL seem to show a number of combinations and since I've not had the chance to actually sit down and start learning this, I ended up using what I posted, the hole.

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