[squid-users] ICP queries for 'dynamic' urls?

From: Steve Webb <swebb_at_pronto.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 12:53:35 -0700 (MST)


I'm caching dynamic content (urls with ? and & in them) and everything's
working fine with one exception.

I'm seeing ICP queries for only static content and not dynamic content
even though squid is actually caching dynamic content.

Q: Is there a setting somewhere to ask squid to also do ICP queries for
dynamic content like there was with the no-cache directive to originally
not cache dynamic content (aka cgi-bin and ? content)?

I'm using squid version 2.5 (I know, I should upgrade to 3.x, but I'm
trying to stick with the same versions across the board and I don't have
time to run my config through QA with 3.0 at this time. Please don't tell
me to upgrade.)

My cache_peer lines look like:

cache_peer sibling 80 3130 proxy-only

This is for a reverse proxy setup.

Dataflow is:

Customer -> Internet -> Akamai -> LB -> squid -> LB -> apache -> LB -> storage

The "apache" layer does an image resize (which I want to cache) and the
url is http://xxx/resize.php?w=xx&h=xx&...

The "storage" layer is just another group of apache servers that serve-up
the raw files.

LB is a load-balancer.

- Steve

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