[squid-users] I Need Help!

From: Leandro Lustosa <leandrolustosa_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 18:18:48 -0200


Please! I need help.

I have a content analyser and i am using squid-2.4-stable14 to
authenticate users to access remote desktop (terminal service).

The Squid Proxy provides information about users to the content
analyser this way:

"http://www.site.com default:://user" (That's the wrong way. It should
be like below:)

"http://www.site.com user" (that's the right way)

How can I disable this string: "default://" in my Squid?

I am using Squid only to provide credentials for the content analyser.
It's searching for users in Novell's edirectory.

Thanks for the attention,

Leandro Lustosa.
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