[squid-users] Change squid binary in flight

From: Lluis Ribes <lribes_at_lavinia.tc>
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 19:10:42 +0100

Dear Squid Folks,

I have a Squid 3.0Stable1 running in a server. This version was installed
with apt-get Debian package utility. So, it has worked fine until now, where
I have file descriptor problems.

I saw that my installation has 1024 files as max_filedescriptor, I think not
much. I want to change it, but the parameter max_filedescriptor in
squid.conf doesn't work (I receive an error message about unknown

So, I think thah the only way is recompile with file_descriptor flag:

./configure --with-filedescriptors=8192 --prefix=/opt/squid --with-openssl
--enable-ssl --disable-internal-dns --enable-async-io

Ok, I compiled Squid 3.0Stable10. So my question is:

Could I replace directly the binary that it was generated by my compilation
process and located in $SQUID_SOURCE/src/squid with my debian binary version
that it's running nowadays? I have to avoid lost of service of my web.

Thanks a lot!


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Barcelona 08005

skype: lluisribesportillo
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