[squid-users] Fwd: Squid and http headers masquerade

From: Sokr Sokr <sokr05_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2008 00:58:44 +0200

I have a computer network with 80 computers on a leased 10mbit line
(each computer has a "real" internet ip address).
I recently installed a 24mbit adsl line and a squid proxy on the adsl.
The configuration for the client pcs (browsing, downloaders connecting
through the proxy) is done manually and everything is working fine.
The problem is that even though the x-forwaded-for header is provided
from squid for each http request, I'm concerned with games like ikariam
and ogame which check that every player has his own ip address.
Is there some way to make squid act "transparent" so that every
http request reaches it's destination not reporting a proxy configuration
(so that every site identifies the request with the pc's real ip address)?
Thanks in advance
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