[squid-users] squid and http 1.0 VS. http 1.1

From: Joar Jegleim <joar_at_linpro.no>
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2008 15:02:36 +0100


I've been debugging a problem with a soap app (cognos planning) which
brakes when being run through our squid 3.0 proxy .

From what I've gathered so far, according to one of the developers of
the cognos appplication : "We use a lot of xml/soap communication which
is chunked"

And according to

http 1.0 doesn't support chunked transfer-encoding

My access.log shows
NONE/411 4900
when the error occurs.

After tcpdumping the whole session and investigating with wireshark it
seems to me that the following happens
1. client performs a 'GET' in HTTP 1.1 to the proxy
2. the proxy then performs this GET against the app server, but now it's
 in HTTP 1.0
3. the app server replies in HTTP 1.1 which in turn squid
4. replies in HTTP 1.0 to the client.

This leads me to the following theory:
Considering that chunking is incompatible with http1.0 this explains why
things are breaking.

This seems to happen even when I'm configuring squid to bypass requests
to the app server:
acl bypassquid dstdomain "/usr/local/squid/etc/domainlist.bypass.squid"
always_direct allow bypassquid

(the relevant app server is listed in 'domainlist.bypass.squid')

2 questions:
1.: does anybody know if I'm totally off the target about those http1.0
/ 1.1 GET's being performed between client / squid / app server, and if
this may or may not be the reason things brake ?

2.: I thought by configuring squid to 'always_direct' sessions to the
app server that squid is transparent in between the client and the app
server. As of now it seems to me that, even with bypassing squid, squid
fiddles with the HTTP version in the GET's being performed resulting in
 the application breaking. E.G. to make this work the application must
be rewritten to support giving 'content length' in those GET's where
squid gives a 411

Thoughts over this matter in any form is highly appreciated.

Joar Jegleim
Received on Thu Nov 27 2008 - 14:02:50 MST

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