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Date: Tue, 4 May 2010 17:31:14 +0400

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2010/05/04 02:36:49 -0700 badaim2 <> => To :
b> We planned to configure a new squid proxy server in FreeBSD. We want to
b> implement bandwidth management in squid by using delaypool. We having 6mbps
b> DSL connection. We going to give totally 300MB limited net usage for every
b> one per day. If a single user reached his limit 300mb then that user should
b> not able to access net for few hours. He should be informed via web site,
b> that he reached his limit for a while. Like this we want to implement
b> bandwidth management.
b> Any real time example squid code is there for my bandwidth configuration?

I did it myself under influences of squid2mysql script that was popular a decade ago and yes, here is the code:
It has some time of reaction, several minutes so hard to say how much it's of a real time but as of the first public release v0.1 it did those exact things with both transparent squid on a LAN and ipacctd for FreeBSD, too: there were monthly limits per user, users were disconected ( actually they had access only to pop3, smtp and icq ports from the outside WAN ) upon the limit was reached, and were notified by email on reaching 90 or 100 percents of their limit.
ISPs dramatically dropped their prices and charging models since then so the code isn't yet known to be used with squid anymore but I use it with ipacctd for myself and with nginx for demo.

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