Re: [squid-users] Squid bandwidth

From: Peter Vereshagin <>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 13:17:49 +0400

Wake me up when September ends, Jeff!
2010/05/04 21:49:58 +0800 Jeff Pang <> => To badaim2 :
JP> > Any real time example squid code is there for my bandwidth configuration?

JP> From what I know you can't do that with current features of Squid.
JP> You may need some customized code to Squid, this is the reason I once
JP> asked squid developers to provide us a development API like Apache's.

BTW, even with that time of reaction I mentioned for my solution on a previous
post here, the couples of minutes, I was wishing squid to be able to log the
long-time downloads by their parts completed to access.log which should
probably make the reaction time to be of any reasonable since some of the
downloads via squid may last for hours and days and access.log entry appears
only after them completed. Needless to say how much helpful that may happen for
user to override any traffic quotas/limits.
There was a patch for partial logging, is it of any actual? Just can't find it
By the time passed since that I think squid could find its own way about this
problem though. Should be nice to know about that.

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