[squid-users] spaces with helpers

From: Luis Daniel Lucio Quiroz <luis.daniel.lucio_at_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 7 May 2010 16:45:11 -0500

/usr/lib64/squid/squid_db_auth --dsn=DBI:mysql:joomla:localhost --user=root --
table=jos15_users --usercol=username --passwdcol=password --cond=block=0 --
plaintext --sql='select jos15_users.password from jos15_users INNER JOIN
jos15_acctexp_subscr ON jos15_users.id = jos15_acctexp_subscr.userid WHERE
(jos15_acctexp_subscr.status LIKE "Active" OR jos15_acctexp_subscr.status LIKE
"Excluded") AND jos15_users.username = ?'

this helper in command line works, but when writing it to squid it fails. I
know it is bause i add the --sql param but i dont gethow shall i escape that
sentense to make it work inside squid

any help please?

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