[squid-users] squidguard vs Dansguardian ?

From: David Touzeau <david_at_touzeau.eu>
Date: Sun, 09 May 2010 23:51:08 +0200

Dear all

Currently i have many HTTP uploads problems using DansGuardiand+Squid.
I have upgraded to Squid 3.1 but problems still occur.
It is not a Squid problem but a Dansguardian problem.

It seems that Dansguardian is not currently maintain (last build
05-Jun-2009) and mailing list is very silent about this problem.

I would like to switch to SquidGuard.
Did somebody have some experience using Squid 3.1.x with SquidGuard ?
performances, compatibilities with Squid 3.1.x and others ...

best regards
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