[squid-users] RE: Anacron log entries

From: Simon Brereton <simon.brereton_at_dada.net>
Date: Wed, 12 May 2010 14:40:51 +0200

No suggestions?

Google seems to suggest I'm almost unique..

These lines definitely relate to squid (which has nothing in the logs about it).

Also, can anyone tell me why squid doesn't appear in the list of open ports when I do nmap localhost? Not that I mind, but I'd like to understand why that is.. Squid is definitely up and running.

donald:~# netstat --tcp --udp --listening --program |grep squid
tcp 0 0 *:5005 *:* LISTEN 13062/(squid)
udp 0 0 *:56198 *:* 13062/(squid)



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This probably isn't a squid issue - but ever since I installed and set-up squid, my system is sending me mail at log rotate time like:

2010/05/05 07:35:20.152| aclParseUserList: parsing user list
2010/05/05 07:35:20.152| aclParseUserList: parsing user list
2010/05/05 07:35:20.206| ACL::Prototype::~Prototype: TODO: unregister me
2010/05/05 07:35:20.206| ACL::Prototype::............................

And so on for 50 odd lines.

I can't find anything in /etc/cron.daily/logrotate or in /etc/cron.daily/0anacron or in /etc/cron.daily/ or in /var/log/ that would cause this - and Google also seems never to have heard of it.

Is this something I've done wrong?


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