[squid-users] removing Proxy

From: <Adam_at_Gmail>
Date: Fri, 14 May 2010 15:57:11 +0100

Hello all
I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove a proxy from a linux system

I haven't added the proy to any files, but everytime I try for instance to
connect it keeps searching for the proxy
I initially added the proxy with

export http://proxy:port

Now when I do unset http_proxy I can connect to the internet and do the
apt-get and use synaptic without a problem
but if I reboot the machine it comes back again, unless I unset the proxy
manually everytime

does anyone know where I can remove it from an Ubuntu hardy based system

I decided to stop using squid it caused me a lot of problems since I
installed it
it was non stop one problem after another.

I came to realise that squid doesn't like me lol
so I am going to do without it.

Too many things didn't work while using it, now that I stopped the proxy
they all back to normal

If anyone knows how to remove it please let me know

Best of luck everyone
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