Re: [squid-users] removing Proxy

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 15 May 2010 18:39:17 +1200

Adam_at_Gmail wrote:
> Hello all
> I was wondering if anyone knows how to remove a proxy from a linux system
> I haven't added the proy to any files, but everytime I try for instance
> to connect it keeps searching for the proxy
> I initially added the proxy with
> export http://proxy:port

Not valid syntax for setting the system proxy variables.

> Now when I do unset http_proxy I can connect to the internet and do the
> apt-get and use synaptic without a problem
> but if I reboot the machine it comes back again, unless I unset the
> proxy manually everytime
> does anyone know where I can remove it from an Ubuntu hardy based system
> please?

Find the place you configured it and remove.

The menu entry:
  "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Network Proxy"
is the proper place to set it in Ubuntu with GUI.

/etc/profile is where system-wide exports are set on command line boxes.

~/.profile for per-user settings on command line boxes.

If you have not set it there, $DEITY only knows what you did.


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