[squid-users] Advice regarding Squid Vs "regular" Apache

From: Reverse Squid <reversesquid_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2010 12:45:35 +0300


Using Squid for some time now (reverse) to speed up my web page for my clients.
While I simply purge my HTML files to make Squid come back and take
'em, can't I just rsync them over to a local apache, instead of Squid?
That way I will even save the first request (all the files will simply
be there), save all the over-head and IMS requests and everything.
I would simply copy my files over upon every update and save them in
the local file system.
I don't even need mod_cache or anything.

Other than maybe serving cached objects off memory and enabling
cache_peers for faster replies, why would I need Squid?

I'm just trying to find the best solution for my site, which isn't
that "difficult" cache-wise.

Would like to hear advice from anyone :)

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