Re: [squid-users] 71 Protocol Error when using SSL

From: Peter Vereshagin <>
Date: Sat, 22 May 2010 17:22:30 +0400

You're face to face with man who sold the world, Edoardo!
2010/05/22 09:49:57 +0200 Edoardo COSTA SANSEVERINO <> => To :
ECS> >> [WWW] -> KVM/SQUID ->+--> (deb01) vhost running a single https
ECS> >> |
ECS> >> +--> (deb03) vhosts running multile http and one
ECS> >> https
ECS> Or are you saying that squid is unable to forward SSL to an internal IP?

I made using nginx for this before I knew ssl option for squid-3.1 .
At least I couldn't rewrite the https url within squid, it didn't handle this
for CONNECT requests.

ECS> The link client->squid is not working perfectly.
ECS> The link squid->server (via internal IPs) is failing.
ECS> Is squid the tool for me if I want to implement the above setup? What
ECS> would you recomend, Squid, mod_proxy, ...?

You may want to simulate the same error case by mean of command-line 'openssl'
tool, with its 's_connect' or 's_client' comand and its options concerning tls
version, etc.

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