RE: [squid-users] Running Multiple instances and reporting confusion.

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 21:00:13 +0200

tor 2010-05-27 klockan 18:38 +0000 skrev GIGO .:

> Related to my earlier query regarding how to handle reports with
> multiple instances. The problem was that inst1access.log though track
> client activities correctly however give incorrect information
> regarding the in-cache returned objects.As the caching part is instead
> being done by Instance-2. So the SARG reports (parsing of
> inst1access.log) wrongly depicts about objects returned from the
> cache.....

Any reason why not run the reports on instance-2 logs?
> Now i just thought an idea that may be pointing to the same cache will
> solve the problem if instance 1 has no-store option set. Please read
> below and guide me i would be thankful

Two Squid processes can not share the same cache_dir, not even with one
in read-only mode.

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