[squid-users] Google SSL searches

From: Dave Burkholder <dave_at_thinkwelldesigns.com>
Date: Thu, 27 May 2010 15:35:36 -0400

I’m using Squid in standard proxy mode with Dansguardian content filtering.
So the recent news that Google is doing SSL encryption on their search
results wasn’t good news to me. 

I want to limit searches to clear text only so that Dansguardian can do its
content filtering magic, and my first thought was to do this:
acl sslgoogle url_regex https://www.google.com
http_access deny sslgoogle

But the url_regex doesn’t work as the URL seems to be encrypted already.

The ACL below blocks the whole site, including Gmail, Docs, Apps, etc.
acl sslgoogle dstdomain .google.com
http_access deny sslgoogle

Is there some way to specify via a Squid ACL that requests via port 443 to
google.com are blocked, but requests to google.com via port 80 are allowed?


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