Re: [squid-users] squid_session

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2010 21:28:24 +0000

On Wed, 3 Nov 2010 16:04:13 -0500, jon jon <> wrote:
> Hello,<
> I have looked through the mail archive, and not found what I am
> looking for. I have Squid 2.6 installed on my Slackware box. I am new
> to Linux, so I apologize for the noob question. How do install
> squid_session the external helper program? Do I need to run the
> ./configure --enable squid_session

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Running the command "locate bin/squid_session" should tell you where it
Probably /usr/bin/squid/squid_session or

> Or is this program alreay installed, and I just need to add a line to =
> my squid.conf file?
> I dont understand how to install that program.

If it's not already installed with Squid it can be added by re-building
with the option:
 ./configure --enable-external-acl-helpers==session

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