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From: David Parks <>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 2010 13:15:41 +0700

Hi Luke, Squid is a proxy server, it simply re-directs traffic like a broker
handles a transaction for a client so the client doesn't work directly with
the seller.

It can cache data like images so that when, for example, UserA goes to a
website, when UserB goes to that same website the images and such don't need
to be downloaded again, they are sent from the local squid. But for a single
user your browser does this caching already.

There are other uses, but far more technical.

Try this google search, I think it will get you going in the direction you
want to follow:


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So I have never set up a Squid web cache before but I think it is what I
need. Let me explain:
My father and mother live out in the middle of no where and currently get
their internet access through satellite service. It reminds me of the old
days of dial up. My dad uses the internet to get most of his current event
and sporting news. He is very patient but when I go there to visit it
drives me nuts. I was wondering if Squid could do the
Download during the night his favorite news sites and their linked articles
so when he gets up in the morning to read the morning news it is lightning
fast. Can this be done?


Luke Brown
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