Re: [squid-users] strip domain/realm from icap header username

From: John Doe <>
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2010 17:48:39 +0100


Thanks for your reply.

> Not sure if this helps but Smb.conf can use the tag: winbind use
> default domain = false OR true

I know that, thanks. If I set "winbind use default domain = false"
(=default), then I will get the domain appended to my username EVEN for
the default domain, e.g.

default domain = DEFAULT
2nd domain = SECOND

If "winbind use default domain = false", then icap header username:
-> DEFAULT/user1
-> SECOND/user2

If "winbind use default domain = true", then icap header username:
-> user1
-> SECOND/user2

That helps at least for most of our users which belong to the default
domain DEFAULT, but I have to replace the domain SECOND if the user
belongs to domain SECOND.

Basically, I have two options:
1- let squid remove the domain part
2- let our icap server remove the domain part

Option 1 is easier to achieve, because we are using McAfee Webwasher as
ICAP server where we cannot exclude the Domain part (at least I have not
figured out how yet).

Open Source is great, it is a lot easier to just add a few lines of c++
code! :-)

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