[squid-users] Issue with always_direct and local hosts

From: Chris Gallacher <cgall2k_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2010 19:35:59 +0000


I am experiencing issues when trying to configure Squid to bypass my
companies parent proxy for local hosts. My configuration is as

(User Facing Proxy - Squid) <-> (Parent Proxy - Squid) <-> (Parent
Proxy - Websense)

Both of the Squid proxies are running squid-2.7.STABLE8 on Windows
Server 2003 SP2 boxes.

Config file for user facing proxy (Stripped to bare essentials for
cache_peer parentproxy.mydomain.co.uk parent 8082 0 login=PASS
append_domain .mydomain.co.uk

acl all src all
acl localdomain dstdomain .mydomain.co.uk
acl localip dst

always_direct allow localdomain
always_direct allow localip
never_direct allow all
http_access allow all

When trying to access intranet.mydomain.co.uk I would expect Squid to
match this request with the first, and if not the second, of the
always_direct access lists and connect directly to the internal web
server, presenting me with my companies main intranet page. Instead I
am presented with a Websense "Page cannot be displayed" error,
indicating that the request was in fact forwarded to the Squid parent
proxy and then on to Websense.

As you may have guessed I am new to Squid, and to Proxy servers in
general. If anyone can provide advice regarding where I have went
wrong with my configuration or which debug sections would best help me
to understand how requests are being processed by Squid your
assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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