Re: [squid-users] Question for y'all?

From: Alex Crow <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 16:56:07 +0000

On 19/11/10 15:00, Michial Thompson wrote:
> My company hosts a browser based application which has a lot of Data
> Entry and dynamically generated screens including Crystal Reports
> Server as well.
> I am trying to find a way to improve performance for my end users
> which are frequently on slow DSL connections to the system that are
> shared across a number of computers.
> I was thinking that if I were to use something like an EMachine 1402
> or other small computer like that, install Linux and a Proxy Server
> and place it at the customers site and use it for all traffic to our
> servers it might speed things up for them some.
> How well does Squid do for caching images that are displayed on a
> dynamically generated page? How well does it handle caching from a
> Windows Based Server?
> Not sure if this is even possible, but how does it handle dynamically
> generated pages that are really static in nature, just being generated
> from ASP/ASPX type pages?
Dear Michial,

Would it not be more efficient to place the squid box at the company
site as a reverse proxy/accelerator? It would be less support-intensive
and probably cheaper in the long run. Sending stuff to remote end users
often ends up as a support nightmare, especially if it's in their home -
for instance, we have problems with VPN users reporting a fault to us
when their internet connection is actually down!

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