Re: [squid-users] Question for y'all?

From: Michial Thompson <>
Date: Fri, 19 Nov 2010 12:40:21 -0600

Like all bandwidth problems its more complicated than just 1+1...

The customers are all businesses, and have a various number of
employees that need access the software. The problem is that the
customers have a limit to the bandwidth they can even purchase both as
to what they have available and cost. Then they put too many people
on the bandwidth and try using it for more than just our software too.

So the first issue is that they have too many users for their
bandwidth, second is they either cannot afford the cost or the
additional bandwidth is not available to them.

Then to complicate the issue a little more you add on my software
being browser based and there are a lot of graphics loaded to the

On Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 12:28 PM, Jakob Curdes <> wrote:
> Am 19.11.2010 19:19, schrieb Michial Thompson:
>> How would that actually help the situation?  Wouldn't doing that still
>> have all the interaction with the server and it's files still coming
>> across the weak/slowest link?
> If you have identified the slow links of you customers as the problem, it
> would not help. But if your application only works well with hi-speed links,
> perhaps it would also be worth wile to chekc whether you really need all
> this bandwidth. But I suppose this is a discussion well beyond the topics of
> this list. And, as I said in my earlier post, if your caching settings in
> the HTTP server are wrong, no proxy and no cache in between will help
> anyway.
> JC
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