Re: [squid-users] Squid 2.7stable7 and ESPN3

From: Jason Howlett <>
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 18:50:44 -0700

On 11/27/2010 9:00 PM, Amos Jeffries wrote:
> On 28/11/10 13:34, Jason Howlett wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have an Ubuntu 10.0.4 server running Squid 2.7stable7 (I also tried
>> Squid 3.0Stable19, but with the same result). I am using the default
>> squid.conf file with the exception of adding an acl for my local network
>> and allowing access for that list. If I try to go to the following URL:
>>, Squid gets stuck in some sort of
>> infinite loop where it tries to load that page over and over again. This
>> happens with both Firefox and Internet Explorer.
>> I dug into the html source for the espn3 page and found the following
>> line in the header: window.location.href = ud.redirect. If I comment out
>> that line then everything works correctly when I load my local copy of
>> the page with the browser still configured to use the proxy server. I
>> also found that if you set ud.redirect to something else
>> (, for example), then you get redirected there. If squid
>> is bypassed, then everything works as expected.
>> I don't know exactly what is happening under the javascript hood and
>> what interaction with squid might be causing the infinite redirect. Any
>> help/suggestion is appreciated.
> There is zero interaction between Squid and javascript or any other
> content in the page. Squid only deals with the HTTP mime headers
> before the content starts.
> This is either a javascript problem with the content coming out of
> ud.redirect (whatever that is I could not be bothered reading the
> 770KB of code in that page), or the followup response redirecting back
> again.
> Amos
I agree that there should not be any interaction between squid and the
javascript and did not mean to infer such. Squid is most certainly
involved in the behavior I am seeing. If I bypass Squid or even use
tinyproxy then things work as expected. I have narrowed the problem down
even further and will hopefully explain better what is happening.

If I go to the following URL through Squid:

I get this result:

ud={'localAdAccountId':'', 'website':'', 'dma':'', 'isLoggedIn':'false',
'state':'', 'image':'', 'sso':'false', 'affvalid':'false',
'ip':'', 'username':'null', 'name':'invalid',
'redirect':'', 'canaddsso':'false',

Notice that the redirect field is set to a value.

If I go to the same URL but through tinyproxy (or bypass proxy
altogether) I get this response:

ud={'localAdAccountId':'null', 'website':'',
'dma':'12', 'isLoggedIn':'false', 'state':'arizona', 'image':'cox.png',
'sso':'false', 'affvalid':'true', 'ip':'',
'username':'null', 'name':'cox', 'redirect':'', 'canaddsso':'true',

Note here that the redirect field is null. Clearly Squid is doing
something that changes the result of this query, but I have no idea what
that is. I thought it might be returning a cached result, but clearing
and rebuilding my cache didn't help.

Again, any help or insight is appreciated.

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