[squid-users] Dual homed squid under XP problems

From: knapper <knapper_at_realtime.net>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2011 13:49:19 -0600

Trying to find some help on an issue with configuring squid.

I need some expert help, no flames, and no telling me I
should run this under linux (I
don't have the time to climb the learning curve, and besides
Net Nanny doesn't run under
linux as I understand it)

Very little exists that I can find, on configuring squid as
dual homed under XP.
XP PRO with 2 nics. I need to set squid up to serve as a
proxy server on one nic, and the other nic is the network
Nic A: is the Dell server box and it points to 0.1
for the internet gateway.
I can browse the internet just fine without squid.
Nic B is is the second nic in the Dell box,
and this is hooked to a WAP for the laptops in the small
(not sure where to point it's gateway, but I don't think
pointing it to 0.195 is going
to work).

I want to configure squid to listen on the 9.x network, and
relay, and cache the traffic out the 0.x network. This way
the students will be protected. XP is a must in this case,
because I will be needing to run net nanny on the "server".
I've tried to configure squid to work, but the service fails
to start. It just hangs. I got past a bunch of format
errors in the .config file, but need help with the
configuration, and getting this to work.

I'm not at the office, so don't have access to the config
files, but nothing shows up in the log file. The service
just hangs with "starting" and never goes to started state.

I'm sure it is a configuration file issue.
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