[squid-users] Session not transferred when redirected by a website

From: Widhiyanto, Projo <widhiyantop_at_who.or.id>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2011 12:50:26 +0700

Hi All,

I wasn't sure if my previous message was delivered to this list, so here
it is again:

I have a problem with certain website that doesn't seem to maintain
session when it is redirected after a login process. Login was
successful, but once you got redirected, the session is lost - and you
got logged out. However the problem is only seen if I am using a parent
cache (which is a Squid proxy of my ISP).

So far I only found this problem with http://www.htcdev.com. I will try
with other websites soon.
Does anyone happen to experience this, or am I missing something in the
squid config?
I'm using Squid 3.0 running on Debian Squeeze.

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