Re: [squid-users] Session not transferred when redirected by a website

From: Henrik Nordström <>
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 03:50:24 +0100

fre 2011-12-16 klockan 12:50 +0700 skrev Widhiyanto, Projo:

> I have a problem with certain website that doesn't seem to maintain
> session when it is redirected after a login process. Login was
> successful, but once you got redirected, the session is lost - and you
> got logged out. However the problem is only seen if I am using a parent
> cache (which is a Squid proxy of my ISP).

One possible cause to this is if the site encodes the requesting IP in
the session, and you allow your first Squid to go direct bypassing the

Setting prefer_direct off, or never_direct allow all, may help in such
case. But it this is the cause then it's really a bug in the web site as
source IP may vary pretty randomly when requests is forwarded via a mesh
of proxies or when the client is roaming between different networks.

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