[squid-users] fatal error in Squid

From: Nguyen Hai Nam <nam.nh_at_nd24.net>
Date: Fri, 23 Dec 2011 10:53:58 +0700


Today I've got this message from Squid:

"You've encountered a fatal error in the Squid Cache version
If a core file was created (possibly in the swap directory),
please execute 'gdb squid core' or 'dbx squid core', then type 'where',
and report the trace back to squid-bugs_at_squid-cache.org."

This message appeared after squid process bump to 100% CPU load and I
have to kill its PID to restart.

The traffic is normal news website and/or youtube, etc ...

I'm running intercept squid (with IPfilter NAT) on OpenIndiana 151a
system, how can I trace this error?

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