[squid-users] Adjusting Squid "stale cache" timeout for dead hosts

From: someone <mrnicholsb_at_gmail.com>
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2011 22:17:43 -0800

I just had one of my webservers go down, unrelated to my squid server on
my local lan, but I noticed that after a certain ammount of time, seems
that once squid "realizes that a host is down" it will then serve the
most recent version of the site from cache, which I think is EXCELLENT,
i never noticed this before, of course i recently upgraded from squid3
debian lenny, to squid 3.1 in debian squeeze.

One thing tho, how do I adjust the timing on this, in other words, I
mean, instead of squid taking 2 minutes or so to "realize" the actual
host is down and serve cache, how can I reduce this period? to say 20-30
seconds? Clearly I wouldnt want squid to give up on a host with high
latency, but I would like to know how to fine tune this until I get a
satisfactory timing. Or if its possible at all for that matter.

I just think this is a great feature but in order to really make use of
it when there are connectivity issues, would like to reduce the ttl on
the cached version served.

Thanks in advance!
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