[squid-users] external_acl_type helper problems

From: ml ml <mliebherr99_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 11:32:33 +0200

Hello List,

i am using a perl script for ACL like this:

external_acl_type ldap_surfer negative_ttl=60 ttl=60 children=200
%DST %SRC /etc/squid/ldap_default_allow.pl
acl ldap_users external ldap_surfer
http_access allow ldap_users

However, after a squid upgrade from squid- to squid-3.1.19 i
am getting DENIED request. When i turn on ACL Debug i seee this:
ACL::ChecklistMatches: result for 'ldap_users' is -1

My /etc/squid/ldap_default_allow.pl perl script might not be the best
( i am doing some ldap and mysql stuff in there), so i modified it to
a very simple script:

use strict;

while(defined(my $INPUT = <STDIN>)) {
        print "OK\n";

I have about 300 Clients and the traffic is quite high. I have the
feeling that squid or the script is not very efficent.
Can i use concurrency=X here with this perl script? Am i using the
syntax right? Or am i doing anything wrong?

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