[squid-users] squid_session problem

From: Jack Black <secretagent101_at_gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2012 19:18:07 -0600


Has anyone successfully used squid, and the squid_session helper in
order to force users of the proxy server to see a webpage (be
redirected to it) at the beginning of each session?

After spending weeks trying to get this to work, I was finally
successful using squid version 3.1.10 on CentOS. Unfortunately, I need
it to work on Ubuntu Server 12.04 with squid version 3.1.19 instead,
and doing exactly the same thing as I did in CentOS, this fails to
work on the Ubuntu Server, and my /var/log/squid3/cache.log has a line
similar to:

> externalAclLookup: 'session' queue overload (ch=0x....)

for every http request my client sends (so a lot of those lines). The
client is forwarded through the squid proxy directly to the page they
request every time, and the splash page is always ignored. Here are
the relevant lines from squid.conf:

> external_acl_type session ttl=300 negative_ttl=0 children=1 concurrency=200 %SRC /usr/lib/squid3/squid_session -t 900
> acl session external session
> http_access deny !session
> deny_info http://example.com session

Does anyone know the problem? Am I doing something wrong?

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