Re: [squid-users] ext_session_acl active mode

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 22:21:23 +1200

On 14/07/2012 3:13 p.m., Jack Black wrote:
> Hi.
> According to this page:
> Active Mode is supposed to prevent random software like anti-viruses
> from resetting the session when using ext_session_acl. Is this only
> true for software that uses TCP port 80, but NOT HTTP? I have
> configured active mode, and it works, but if my anti-virus checks
> online for updates (which it does all the time), the session gets
> reset and the browser never shows the splash page. The antivirus
> appears to use HTTP, since the log file shows this:
> TCP_DENIED/302 354 GET
> text/html
> Which also indicates that it's what received the splash page. Is this
> expected behaviour? Is there a way to make sure that only a browser
> can reset the session and ignore other software that may use the HTTP
> protocol?

The expected behaviour is that everything making HTTP requests from the
box gets DENIED/302 splash page until you click on some link presented
in that page. thus manually requestign the "login" URL.

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