[squid-users] Please help test a streaming problem through squid

From: Peter Olsson <pol_at_leissner.se>
Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2012 04:33:33 +0100


We run squid as a caching proxy. No transparency
or intercept in any form, and the only way out is
through the squid proxy server. Web browsers use
either wpad or hardcoded proxy configuration.

Streams from www.dn.se/webbtv don't work. The commercial
part first in every stream works fine, but when it's
time to switch to the main stream it just stops and the
screen goes black.

Our production squid runs 3.1.21, and in a lab server
I have tried with squid 2.7.STABLE9, 3.2.3 and Same problem in all versions.
The configuration in the lab server squids have been
exactly as they were default installed, except that I
enabled cache_dir ufs in all of them.

Any ideas about this?
(I will ask their support what the difference is in
the streaming methods of the commercial part and the
main part.)


Peter Olsson                    pol_at_leissner.se
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