[squid-users] error files shipped on squid-3.2.3

From: Leonardo Rodrigues <leolistas_at_solutti.com.br>
Date: Thu, 22 Nov 2012 17:27:09 -0200


     I'm migrating some squid 2.7 servers directly to 3.2.3. One of the
things that is actually annoying me on my testserver is that error files
provided in squid-3.2 are always ONE-line-only, instead of the 2.7 ones
which were formatted similary to HTML files.

The one-line-only doesnt matter for being correctly displayed on the
browser, i know. But that makes a real pain to customize them.

     Is this one-line-only error files needed for some reason ??

I have checked several languages and seems all files on all languages
are one-line-only. Dont know if it matters but i'll use, in production,
the pt-br ones.

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