AW: [squid-users] Client randomly reloads pages every second - cache/parent issue?

From: Stefan Bauer <>
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2012 11:40:12 +0100

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Von: Amos Jeffries <>
> In which case I would recommend removing the round-robin algorithm from
> yoru peer options. The first one you list will be used first and when it
> has problems the failover will move traffic to the second one listed.
> Any problems which were caused on that site by the rotating sources
> should disappear and you will be left with all the _other_ problems the
> site is causing, but hey, thems the breaks.

No luck :/ i just disabled the second parent proxy so i'm now hitting with a single ip address the remote webpage.

In this case i see still refreshes on this pages:

do you have an idea?

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