RE: [squid-users] RE: Upgrading SQUID from 3.1.6 to 3.1.23 -working now-

From: Vernet Jerome <>
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 10:56:43 +0200

>> Now, I will try 3.3. Lot of change have to be made in my squid.conf.
Managed to have a build OK, but with my squid.conf, it do not work at
all with
>>dansguardian and ntlm_auth.

>What do you mean? what is the new problem?

Well, ntlm_auth (or) and AD2003 group access ACL do not work anymore
like it was done in my 3.1 config. Removed.
Then, the way the configuration was done (not by me) to make work
Dansguardian and SQUID do not work anymore (see my previous squid.conf
For the moment, I cannot figure how I can make it work again with SQUID

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