RE: [squid-users] Issue related to using Squid 3.1 or 3.29 and accessing a site that uses a recursive DNS record. (30 seconds to bring up site)

From: Duncan, Brian M. <>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2013 19:46:46 +0000

>Sorry if I wasn't clear.
>I will try to rephrase the logic.
>I went from the buttom up.
>curl + wget + simple ruby script = slow response.
>notice that this address is a redirection.
>I am unsure now about the dns issue that I have seen this morning.
>The main problem is not the page but the ssl.
>which takes forever...
>it might be a HTTP 1 vs 1.1 issue which is the same for wget + curl + squid.
>leaves the main problems as: dns and service(http 1.1.) problem rather
>then squid.


Thanks for the reply and further clarification,

I still believe the issue I am reporting is specific to DNS and how Squid's internal DNS resolver works.

I forgot to mention if I bypass using the hostname in my test, and enter one of the resolved IP's instead of it is immediate. There is no delay in bringing the page up.

I also tried another variation while testing today, I re-compiled Squid 3.2.9 with --disable-internal-dns and it has different behavior indicating even further that the problem lies within the internal resolver Squid 3.x uses.

When 3.2.9 is compiled with --disable-internal-dns, the first time I access it only takes 15 seconds to come up instead of 30 it took while having the default 3.2.9 internal resolver functioning.

Then subsequent connection attempts to come up instantaneously every time after that. (Switching between different browsers using the 3.2.9 as the proxy server) Indicating the name is cached at that point and not re-queried on my 3.2.9 box. In all my reading I think I recall reading somewhere that when using external DNS resolution with squid that it can wind up ignoring TTL on records. In this case the record TTL is only 5 seconds right now, so I know it is ignoring the TTL. If I restart squid, it will take 15 seconds to resolve it the 1st time.

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