Re: [squid-users] Issue related to using Squid 3.1 or 3.29 and accessing a site that uses a recursive DNS record. (30 seconds to bring up site)

From: Eliezer Croitoru <>
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2013 14:52:53 +0300

On 4/9/2013 10:46 PM, Duncan, Brian M. wrote:
> Thanks for the reply and further clarification,
> I still believe the issue I am reporting is specific to DNS and how Squid's internal DNS resolver works.
> I forgot to mention if I bypass using the hostname in my test, and enter one of the resolved IP's instead of it is immediate. There is no delay in bringing the page up.
> I also tried another variation while testing today, I re-compiled Squid 3.2.9 with --disable-internal-dns and it has different behavior indicating even further that the problem lies within the internal resolver Squid 3.x uses.
I am not sure but I think it needs squid-dev report and check.

Can you please report this bug at squid-dev or in bugzilla?

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