[squid-users] oddity with squid 3.3.2 and https

From: Brett Lymn <brett.lymn_at_baesystems.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Apr 2013 16:52:10 +0930

I have just updated our proxies to squid 3.3.2 running on rhel 5.8,
mostly this went smoothly apart from some access to https. As a rule
our proxies authenticate users using kerberos but there some "special"
sites that are allowed access to without authentication. When accessing
a https site without authentication I see this in the cache.log:

2013/04/15 15:49:51 kid1| WARNING: never_direct resulted in AUTH_REQUIRED. Username ACLs are not reliable here.

This causes the never_direct to fail but only for https - this causes
cache parent selection to fail which results in the https connection
failing. The never_direct that squid is complaining about is this:

never_direct allow user_rewrite

The ACL user_rewrite is this:

external_acl_type user_rewrite_type children-max=60 children-startup=20
ttl=900 %LOGIN /opt/local/squid/libexec/user_rewrite.pl
acl user_rewrite external user_rewrite_type

The user_rewrite.pl script just strips off the ntlm/kerberos bits in
front of the username so the upstream "security" device sees a username
it understands. I put the ACL on the never_direct because it is a
"slow" ACL evaluation and fires the rewrite in a, supposedly, harmless

Not sure why only https is affected, everything did work with squid

I can work around this by putting a bunch of never_direct deny
statements for all the acl's that permit access without authentication
but this is a bit tedious.

Brett Lymn
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