[squid-users] Empty macros in request_header_add for SSL connections [Squid 3.3.3]

From: Norman Meilick <squid_at_ml.irq0.de>
Date: Sat, 20 Apr 2013 23:36:00 +0200


I'm currently struggling with a difference in behaviour between HTTP and
HTTPS when adding headers containing macros. For HTTP mode, the headers
are set correctly, while for HTTPS connections they are set to the empty
value (-).

Simple example:

  request_header_add X-Originating-IP "%>a" all

This should set a header to the client's IP address. Works for HTTP
connections, but is empty when using HTTPS, and so are the other
macros that I've tried, including tags set by external ACLs.

Am I overlooking something, or is this not fully implemented yet?

Thanks in advance for any input!

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