Fwd: [squid-users] Re: Youtube Changes

From: Ghassan Gharabli <sounarose_at_googlemail.com>
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2013 19:35:55 +0300

Hello again,

I liked the idea of what you did and especially you are using Perl -
ReadBackwards Module . Squid is writing a new log and only logging
\.youtube\.com requests or adding 2 links on the same line and then
you create a subroutine perl to get the returned 2 parameters ..
(V/docid/video_id) & cpn .......etc .

It only writes the video_id when the id does not starts with
o-[a-zA-Z0-9-_] which is being written into cache as is , but i solved
it by rewriting the whole videoplayback url without ([&?]range=[^&]*)
, ([&?]ratebypass=[a-z]*) and also changed the [&?]vq=auto to medium
or large just to get rid of the auto rate due to the slow connection.

did you check it with ranges if the id starts with "o-" ?.

What else youtube would do in the future .. changing the video ID or
keep everything hidden?.

I liked the idea of what you did and congratulations :-). Thank you so much

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