[squid-users] Access Problem to VMWARE, IBM and Truste.com through Squid

From: Babelo Gmvsdm <hercule18_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2013 16:26:20 +0200

Hi , I'm using Squid Cache 3.2.1 with squidguard on an Ubuntu 12.4. Since several months I have a problem to access these sites (In fact all sites that use Truste Cookie manager) : Vmware.com, Ibm.com, truste.com If truste cookie preference had not been set previously ,if  I try to access one of these sites throug the squid, I have a blank popup above the website page endlessly. I guess it's not a squiguard problem as for bloqued sites I arrive on a page informing of the blocking, and moreover all of these sites are on my whitelist. If someone could help, it would be very appreciated, just tell what info you need for this. thx bye advance HErC.
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