Re: [squid-users] ADVANTAGE OF UPDATE SQUID3.1 or newest

From: Amos Jeffries <>
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2013 16:53:58 +1300

On 4/10/2013 11:59 a.m., IT Support wrote:
> Hi brothers.
> Im running Squid Cache: Version 3.0.STABLE8 over debian 6, and Id
> like to get information about what is the advantage to update it to
> squid3.1 to the latest vertsion and how can I achieve this mission.
> How to upgrade squid with out of loss of my old configuration?
> Please somebody can throw me a bone here?

Dont worry. Squid are designed to be as backward compatible as we can
code with squid.conf. There is a bit of trouble crossing from the 2.7
fork to versions older than 3.2, but from 3.0 to later 3.x you should
not have much problems.
  To be sure you can run "squid -k parse" and get a report of the
upgrade changes that need to be done. Anythign marked FATAL or ERROR is
mandatory to change before the new version will rune. The WARNING's,
UPGRADE, NOTICE are good to fix but can wait until you are happy with
the new versions operation (although I may point out some of those
WARNINGS will be about behaviour you may want to change).

The advantages of updating are listed in the later versions ChangeLog.
All the lines starting "Bug ...", far better performance (the latest few
series average around 20-40% req/sec faster than 3.0 did), and far
better HTTP/1.1 support.
Debian security team have done a good job of back-porting the security
advisory fixes to their older packages. But those are the *only* fixes
backported and even so there are several major vulnerabilities which are
unable to be backported due to the wide scale of change necessary to fix.

I'm not certain the later versions build properly on Debian 6 any more.
There are minimum compiler and toolchain requirements for 3.3+ which
that Debian version does not meet. Ubuntu's previous LTE release already
hit these same problems badly. You could give it a try, but don't be
surprised if it fails to compile.

You can try to install the newer packages and their dependencies out of
the current Debian stable repositories (Debian 7 / Wheezy).

The basic process is:
* alter /etc/apt/sources.list changing the repository name to "wheezy"
or "stable"
* aptitude update
* aptitude install squid3
* undo the changes to sources.list
* aptitude update

That should get you onto 3.1.20. NP, that 3.1 version has a few very
annoying IPv6 bugs but if you are happy to cope with them it should work

And it is not possible to install the unstable 3.3 version package on
Debian 6 for the similar reasons as compiling. It pulls in far too many
dependency packages with newer versions than 6 software plays nicely with.

PS. As a fellow Debian administrator / user I suggest you may want to
try out their current stable version. The release team seem to have done
a stellar job of ensuring stability and for me at least a lot of the
software there has turned out to be much more reliable than 6 was. Also,
you can back-port some things like Squid 3.3 from the sid repository
quite easily still using the same method as above.

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