Re: [squid-users] Guest network

From: Leonardo Rodrigues <>
Date: Wed, 09 Oct 2013 20:40:23 -0300

     No need for two instances ...

     just get squid listening on how many ports you need it to:

http_port port1
http_port port2
http_port portN

     create ACLs for each port

acl port1 myport port1
acl port1 myport port2
acl portN myport portN

     and get all your http_access rules with the appropriate port ACLs
as well, thus giving completly different policies depending on the proxy
port used.

http_access allow port1 other_rule
http_access deny port1 other_rule
etc etc

Em 09/10/13 18:04, JC Putter escreveu:
> Hi i am using Squid 3.3.9 with Kerberos authentication on my network.
> we know have a requirement where we need to give guest users access on
> the same proxy, is it possible to run squid on a additional port and
> have different ACL's for those users connecting to that port?
> I know ideally having a different subnet is the best option
> Thanks!

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