[squid-users] Consultant needed

From: Gregory Morse <gmorse_at_morseinc.com>
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2014 07:05:44 -0700


I'm in need of a Squid consultant for an ASAP project. If you're
interested and can help read on. Thanks.

My app, Just Ahead, turns your smartphone (iPhone or Android) into an
audio tour guide to the world. You drive around in your car and it
narrates an audio tour as you drive. As you can imagine a product like
this needs to locally cache our audio files, because many interesting
places you want to visit don't have Internet access. These files
reside in a zip file and are currently served off an Amazon S3 HTTP

I'd like to use squid to cache a local copy of this file, so that we
don't need to download multiple copies of this file over the extremely
slow/bad/limited internet connection available to me.

Also, I'd like for users to take advantage of this capability without
manually configuring a proxy in their Internet settings.

I need a Squid admin to help me with this. The additional complexity
of this is that I'm using Mac OS X server, using Squidman. I can
handle the Mac OS X admin, but I need someone with squid experience to
troubleshoot a few errors I'm seeing. This is an ASAP project.

Please email me at gmorse_at_justahead.com, but also call at 562-800-0124
to make sure your email didn't go to spam.

Thank you!

- Gregory

Gregory Morse
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