Re: [squid-users] strange "running out of filedescriptors" problem on MacOSX

From: Ambrose LI <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 12:04:22 -0400

2014-04-26 19:01 GMT-04:00 Ambrose LI <>:
> 2014-04-26 16:45 GMT-04:00 Kinkie <>:
>> I guess you are leaking filedescriptors.
>> A clue why it happens may be in the cachemgr.
>> Does your build include the "squidclient" binary? It can be used to
>> directly acccess the cachemanager interface
>> squidclient -U <useername> -P <the password set in cachemgr_passwd
>> option> mgr:filedescriptors
> [...]
>> Let's first get the facts out of cachemgr, then we can
>> speculate on the causes :)
> I spent maybe an hour trying to get the info. No definitive answers
> yet, but what's happening seems to be even weirder than I thought:
[stuff deleted]
> I'm going to restart my Mac later when I can just let squid freeze
> until the next morning. I'll see if squid actually will unfreeze
> itself over the night or I'll get anything out of the file descriptor
> listing.

Just an update for my version of the issue. I had since my last post
tried a number of times to get a listing of the filedescriptor usage
when this happens, but either the squidclient just got stuck or (when
squidclient mysteriously came unstuck) I didn't notice anything

I have now written a script to periodically check if squid is using
>90% cpu and if so I do a squid -k reconfigure to kill the spinning
process. I'm not sure what else I can do to investigate further.

-ambrose <>
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