Re: [squid-users] strange "running out of filedescriptors" problem on MacOSX

From: Eliezer Croitoru <>
Date: Fri, 20 Jun 2014 19:13:12 +0300

Can you share you squid.conf?


On 04/26/2014 08:58 AM, Ambrose LI wrote:
> Hi,
> does anyone know what would cause squid 3.3.12 to run out of
> filedescriptors on MacOS X?
> My squid often runs out of file descriptors shortly (e.g., 5 minutes)
> after startup when my laptop is at home. Traffic is minimal. If this
> happens and I do a squid -k reconfigure, squid dies with a “FATAL:
> dying from an unhandled exception: IsConnOpen(conn)” but then
> continues to restart itself. After this restart squid would run
> normally (no more file descriptor problems) until I shut down the
> machine.
> This seems to be a MacOSX-specific problem. I have never seen this
> happen on my other squid, which runs on Linux.
> My other observation would be that when I am not at home this does not
> seem to happen. So one possible cause might be that a netdb exchange
> failure (endianness mismatch) would cause squid to run out of file
> descriptors. Does anyone know if this might be possible, or recognize
> what would cause squid to run out of file descriptors shortly after
> startup? Thanks very much.
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