[squid-users] Forcing objects into the Squid Cache

From: Gregory Morse <gmorse_at_morseinc.com>
Date: Mon, 23 Jun 2014 18:25:42 -0700

Hey All,

It's my understanding that squid decides on its own what files to
cache and it does this when multiple different clients request those

I have an unusual use case, where I want to specify a list of urls
where the files are always cached. This means after the first request
the files on those URLs would be cached by Squid, subject to the HTTP
caching rules of course.

Please note, it has been suggested that we should use refresh_pattern
directives to accomplish this, but our understanding of this function
is that allows us to override the caching rules in http headers, but
does not allow us force an immediate download of objects into the

Any thoughts or input on this? I'm open to a custom extension to squid
if that is what we need to do to accomplish this.


- Gregory

Gregory Morse
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