[squid-users] FATAL: No valid signing SSL certificate configured for https_port

From: John Gardner <jeg1972_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Jun 2014 19:30:05 +0100

I wonder if some of you can help me in figuring out an issue. For the
last three years, we've had a Squid Reverse Proxy running on
Oracle Linux 5 (64 bit) with version 2.6 of Squid (which came with the
distro) and it's been a total success and never missed a beat.

Now, I realised that this version is getting old so I thought I would
install a more recent version and get some more features as well,
I installed the 32 bit version of Eliezer's 3.4.3 RPM and managed to
get everything back up an running successfully. However, when
I was testing this environment I noticed that every so often in the
log I got a FATAL: Received Segment Violation...dying. message and
Squid just stopped responding. So, I then decided to build a version 6
version of Oracle Linux instance and then install the 64 bit 3.4.3 RPM
on it,
copying over all of the config and certficates.

Now I've got a new problem, although Squid now starts successfully
when I only put http_port into the squid.conf, when I add https_port
I get the following message;

FATAL: No valid signing SSL certificate configured for https_port
10.x.x.95:443 and Squid terminates.

Does anyone know why I'm getting this issue? Would it be because in
moving from OEL 5 to OEL 6 I've also moved from OpenSSL 0.98 to
OpenSSL 1.0
and the certificate formats are now different or is it something else?

All help greatly appreciated.

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